The Word speaks to me where I am…


Gift: Wisdom

Reading: But your holy ones had very great light; And those others, who heard their voices but did not see their forms, since now they themselves had suffered, called them blest; And because they who formerly had been wronged did not harm them, they thanked them, and pleaded with them, for the sake of the difference between them. Instead of this, you furnished the flaming pillar which was a guide on the unknown way, and the mild sun for an honorable migration. For those deserved to be deprived of light and imprisoned by darkness, who had kept your sons confined through whom the imperishable light of the law was to be given to the world. (Wisdom 18:1-4)

Observation: It was the morning after I was present at a presentation on what is really going on with the migrant worker in this country, as well as what happens to their families, that I read this reading in my normal reading of the Word of God because it is where I am at in re-reading the Old Testament. It seems pretty clear to me that it is my job to help bring the flaming pillar to these people on the unknown way, so that they can have a mild sun for an honorable migration. I guess the challenge is to find how exactly God is calling me to take part in this very important outreach to the undocumented migrant workers. The first challenge will be to gain a better understanding of the Spanish language.

Personification: Kindness
If I am going to display the fruit of kindness to people in this world. The first step is to meet them where they are at. It will be my goal to work tirelessly to find out how we can make contact with the migrant workers that are in the state of Oregon and show them God’s kindness in any way possible.

Prayer: Lord, help me to stay focused on this part of the ministry that you have called me to and continue to supply me with the grace necessary to focus on your will in my life and not my will but your will be done…I ask this, as always, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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