Gift: Knowledge


The new Jerusalem?

Reading:  Up, Jerusalem! stand upon the heights; look to the east and see your children Gathered from the east and the west at the word of the Holy One, rejoicing that they are remembered by God.  (Baruch 5:5)

Observation:  Reading this verse from the first reading this morning,  I couldn’t help but think about the new Jerusalem.  My first thought was a fleshly thought.  I wonder if all humanity that is called to share in the new Jerusalem will want to live in Jerusalem.  In my feeble attempt to contemplate the vision of our Father, I realize that the new Jerusalem will be such a perfect temple in which to adore God, how could a believer not feel comfortable there.  I see it like a constant vacation, where God is at the center of everything that we do.  I see the new Jerusalum as a place where everyone sings in glorious fashion to adore God, and no one has reason to feel embarrassed for their adoration of our loving God.

Personification:  Long-suffering (Positive Attitude) This may be a continuation from yesterday, but I feel like I am being called in a real way today and for the rest of my life to display the fruit of long-suffering.  As the parenthetical words say above, this long-suffering does not mean that I plan on walking around with a forlorn look on my face.  Rather, it means that I should, with the help of the many graces that God has given me and hopefully will continue to provide, keep a positive attitude about the things that happen in this world because I know that no matter how long it takes to bring about the new Jerusalem that it will happen in God’s time, and it will be perfect, just as He is perfect.

Prayer:  Lord, please supply me with the grace necessary to sustain a positive attitude with whatever comes my way today and for the rest of my life, so that I may start to live out the eternal life that you have planned for me from this moment forward.  I ask this, as always, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.


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