Risky business…



This is what the ocean looked like when I first saw it in my dream…

I have decided to journal today about my dream that I had last night.  Of course, I have already searched the normal websites to look for meaning in the dream and I think I have narrowed down what my subconscious might be trying to wake me up to.  I am hoping that there are some people out there that will be able to help me better understand the meaning of the dream.

I remember that I was going to a retreat and the group I am going with makes some wrong turns, but we eventually get there.  I am asked to prepare breakfast the next morning, but I notice that everyone is preparing it already when I get there.  The retreat is being held in an abandoned car lot, at least mostly abandoned.  It was night, and I remember walking to the front of the car lot to see where breakfast will be served and there were some crazy salesmen chasing me because they thought I was a customer, the first one they had seen in a while.  After I get away from them, I am driving on my own toward a beach with an amazing surf.  It was a beautiful day, but as I am driving, I notice that the road gets very steep and the brakes are working, but I don’t know how since the road is too steep to assume the brakes would stop the vehicle I am driving.  Anyway, the end result is that the brakes can’t stop me, along with the other cars in front of me fast enough, so we drive right into the oncoming surf of the ocean.  I wake up…

This is what the ocean looked like as I drove into it in my dream…

Any ideas…


2 thoughts on “Risky business…

  1. jeremy roebuck

    you cant wait to get to florida and sit on cocoa beach with a cold drink and a beautiful view. or…. you wanted to surf with your car. lol! love you bro

    i cant really help you but i may know someone who can.

  2. Nice one bro…You are right, I can’t wait to be in Cocoa Beach with my family in my heart and my God directing my steps to bring his son into a more direct relationship with each of you…I love you bro and if you see anything else in my dream, you are welcome to comment about it…God bless you!

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