When have I experienced God?


The question was asked at our youth rally about when we had experienced God.  The rally was in Vancouver, WA, where the picture was taken from the balcony of the Hilton where we stayed.  There were some pretty good examples of when the youth had experienced God from our parish group from Saint Alice, including a really good example that was shared by one of our adult chaperones.  Of course, I remember that one well because it was about a time that he felt moved to call his son, of which I have three sons, so the example resonated with me.  Although, some would say it was instinctual to want to include his son in the experience.  I like to think of our God moving us in a direction that we need to move to put our lives in order.  As Paul said at the rally, all we need to do is jump into the pool of God’s will and know that he will put us exactly where we need to be.  Now, the question is, are we willing to surrender what we think is good for us, for what God, in his infinite wisdom, knows we need?

As for my own experience of God, I was going to relay a story about a reading that I journaled on the 5th of this month, but I didn’t have time to find the verse or complete the thought about how I was hearing God speak to me, before the break out session was over. 

Since, I had a moment to reflect before youth ministry tonight, I thought I would try and complete the thought.    The reading that I chose to journal about on the 5th are based on the readings from the Gospel of Matthew from my scripture journaling group.  The next week, however, I was supposed to be journaling on the letter of Paul to the Galatians, but I chose to journal on the Mass readings for that day, which I usually don’t do because my Christian brothers look at me like I am showing off.  Of course, it turns out the reading from the Gospel that day happened to be the same reading from the previous week’s journaling group readings, and no one from the group had actually read the reading from Galatians for that day either. 

Specifically, from the Gospel reading for that day, the 12th of March, that same verse jumped out at me, but I chose to journal on the Responsorial Psalm for that day and share that with my group.  However, I did make note of the verse that jumped out at me and at the time at the bottom of my journal entry to document the occurence, I did not exactly know why. 

Now I know, the point of this verse coming from the Word of God was to say that we must be willing to do what Jesus told the scribes to follow God and love him with all of their heart and the scribe repeated it back to him, Jesus told him that he is not far from the Kingdom of Heaven.  Ok, I am going to post a video on the youth blog and then get ready to take off for Youth Ministry…God bless you for reading…


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