See God at work in the Word…


Gift:  Piety (Reverence)

Reading:   (7a) The Lord hears the cry of the poor.  When the just cry out, the LORD hears them, and from all their distress he rescues them.  Many are the troubles of the just man, but out of them all the LORD delivers him.  (7a) The Lord hears the cry of the poor.  (Psalm 34:18,20)

Observation:  This morning I am seeing the Lord at work in my life in the small changes that are made in the way the Word is phrased in the Mass readings, versus how they read out in the text.  I am seeing that the hand of God is truly working through the church to bring these readings to the body of Christ.  I guess I am a little sad that more people are not staying connected to the daily readings to see it, but I am still very grateful to God that he is working in my life.  Normally, I would post the readings directly from the scripture, but today I posted the verses directly as they read from the Responsorial Psalm from the daily readings because that is how I heard God speaking through them today.

Personification:  Kindness – The strength of Christ’s love which leads us to a greater service.  It is my hope that by seeing the Lord work in me a new creation through the Word of God, I can be a conduit of his grace to others.  I really feel strengthened by the Lord today and I hope that other will see the strength that comes from the Word of God.

Prayer:  Lord, I think I know that it is through the Word of God that your strength comes to me, but it is my hope and prayer for others to somehow be led to your Word through the work that I am doing.  I ask this, as always, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy Spirit.  Amen.

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