How do we come to accept our faith?


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Gift:  Fortitude (Courage)

Reading:  Now we realize that you know everything and that you do not need to have anyone question you. Because of this we believe that you came from God.” 7  (John 16:30)

Observation:  When I was in college and first studied the Catechism of the Catholic Church under the instruction of Father James Leone, I found myself questioning everything that was being professed as doctrine of the church.  The reason I was questioning it, I believe, was because I was seeing it through the eyes of the world view that I grew up with.  However, once I began to accept that it could be the truth, I found myself having  far less questions.  Like the disciples in today’s Gospel, I believe, we can all begin to follow our faith more closely, when we stop looking at it as something to be questioned, because the world knows better, and we start accepting it as truth, because Jesus conquered the world.

My sister...Sarah is the coolest...God bless her...

Personification:  Goodness – A real desire to live a holy life, to set a good example by our conduct where we are.  I am definitely not the best example, not even a “good” example of goodness most of the time.  However, if I can remember to only act in the ways that God is calling me to act and not in my own ways, I can hopefully approach this goodness, by the grace and power of God.

Prayer:  Lord, continue to reveal your truth to us in ways that we can understand and help us to accept your truth more fully in our lives, so that we can be conduits of this truth to our family and friends.  We ask this, as always, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy Spirit.  Amen.

One thought on “How do we come to accept our faith?

  1. How amazing to see God working…I pray that God continues to reveal the truth to my Sister and Mother today…I pray for healing of all kinds of addiction for everyone in my family, so that we can all concentrate on God’s will for our lives and not our own selfishness, especially me…I pray that our whole family will come together to lift up our voices and heart to God, so that we can love each other more fully in this hour in time and in the hour of tribulation that is just on the horizon…May the grace and peace of our Lord be with anyone who reads this today!

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