Proclaim the Word…


Googled, "Proclaim the Word"

Gift:  Understanding – With the gift of understanding, we comprehend how we need to live as a follower of Jesus Christ. A person with understanding is not confused by all the conflicting messages in our culture about the right way to live.

Reading:  proclaim the word; be persistent whether it is convenient or inconvenient; convince, reprimand, encourage through all patience and teaching.  (2 Timothy 4:2)

Observation:  The words of Saint Paul to Timothy in the first reading today could very well be addressed to me this morning.  I read this verse about an hour and a half ago, and even though I knew then that God was speaking to me through this verse, I tried to find an easy way to preach the word without having to post my journal.  I hear that I must be persistent, whether it is convenient or inconvenient, whether I am tired or well rested, whether I feel like it or not.

Personification:  Faith/Fidelity – The ability to stick to our work and to stay firm in our commitment to God and to God’s people with whom we are connected.  So I really don’t need to say more about what I think the Spirit is revealing to me through the scripture today, because it is brutally obvious what I would be missing out on if you read the definition above of faith/fidelity.  If I am staying faithful to the Word, I must be in it at least daily, and not just paying some attention to it, but really analyzing what the Word is saying to me and how I can apply it to my life.

Prayer:  Lord, help me to not only stay in your Word, but allow the work that you are doing in me through the Word to infiltrate my heart and soul at all times.  I ask this, as always, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy Spirit.  Amen.


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