Aliens abducting us…?


Today’s dream:

In order to keep my dream PG rated, I will start with the part where people are being rounded up to be flown to a new world where aliens were trying to repopulate their world.  It must have been some kind of draft process that selected us for the trip to the new world, because me and a few others were being chased down by some kind of security force, that was obviously a government agency of humans, that was being used to bring us to the alien ships.  Anyway, once we were there, we were placed in lines of beautiful people and regular people.  I remember being upset that I was put in the regular people line, but accepted it.   Anyway, as we were in the final stages of preparation for boarding the ships, somehow I was left alone to board my ship and I found an escape route and followed it to a river and got away.  OK, there was more before and more after, but I will leave it there for today’s journal.  Crazy dream, I know…If you would like to know how it turns out and see the interpretation that I come up with today (with a little help, I hope!)…Come back to tomorrow’s journal and hopefully I will get a chance to tell more of the story…


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