I can’t get distracted by etymoligies and definitions…

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Gift:  Fear of the Lord (Wonder and Awe) – With the gift of wonder and awe (fear of the lord), we are aware of the glory and majesty of God. A person with wonder and awe knows that God is the perfection of all we desire: perfect knowledge, perfect goodness, perfect power, and perfect love.

Reading:  Give us each day our daily bread  (Luke 11:3)

Observation:  I feel like I should see this verse as speaking directly to me today.  I should be asking the Lord to provide for my needs and the needs of my family.  I should not be looking for an alternate meaning for this verse, which is what I did before I came to the conclusion that I should not be doing it.  The research that I did left me with the feeling that the true meaning could not be seen by looking at the origins of the words.

Personification:  Humility (Gentleness) – An inner strength that permits us to be aware of our own abilities without having to make a show of them.  Once again, I am humbled by the awesome power of the Word of God.  It is my desire to be able to display this humility today and for the rest of my life, by listening to the Word from now on, and not always looking for a convenient meaning behind certain words.

Prayer:  Lord, help me to stay true to your Word.  Please continue to help me to accept the truth that is clearly visible when I do not try to over examine your Word.  I ask this, as always, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy Spirit.  Amen.


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