If we live in the Spirit, let us also follow the Spirit…

Psalm 1, Verse 1 and 2 in Biblia Hebraica Stut...

Psalm 1, Verse 1 and 2 (just in case you were wondering what came before verse 3...lol)

Gift:  Fortitude (Courage) – With the gift of courage, we overcome our fear and are willing to take risk as a follower of Jesus. A person with courage is willing to stand up for what is right in the sight of God, even if it means accepting rejection, verbal abuse, or even physical harm and death.

Reading:  If we live in the Spirit, let us also follow the Spirit.  (Galatians 5:25)


They are like a tree planted near streams of water, that yields its fruit in season; Its leaves never wither; whatever they do prospers.  (Psalm 1:3)

Observation:  This morning, I changed my format for journaling page because of what I read in the readings.  It was the reading from Saint Paul’s letter to the Galatians that motivated it, but it was the Spirit moving in me that allowed me to do it.  As the verses say above, I would hope that I would always act in the Spirit and allow the Spirit to lead me at all times in my life.  I know that if it is the Spirit that is moving me, I will not be led into sin.

Personification:  Self-Control  My focus today will be on being able to continue displaying the fruit of self-control.  It was funny that I was not able to make it to Mass this morning on time and I didn’t go in to Mass late, because the small chapel was full this morning.  However, as I sat in my office wondering why I wasn’t able to make it on time again this morning, it hit me.  I hadn’t put Mass on my daily schedule of things to do, therefore it was not a priority for me, at least as far as my schedule goes.  So, I will continue to work tonight to put the things that are a priority for me in order the night before and hopefully be led by the Spirit to do so.

Prayer:  Lord, send down your Spirit to watch over me as I struggle with displaying the fruit of self-control in my life.  I ask this, as always, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy Spirit.  Amen.


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