How does Jesus say that we should show our belief in Him?

Saved By Grace

Saved By Grace (Ephesians 2:8-10)

Gift: Piety (Reverence) – With the gift of reverence, sometimes called piety, we have a deep sense of respect for God and the Church. A person with reverence recognizes our total reliance on God and comes before God with humility, trust, and love.

Reading:  Jesus said to him, “I am the way and the truth 5 and the life. No one comes to the Father except through meAmen, amen, I say to you, whoever believes in me will do the works that I do, and will do greater ones than these, because I am going to the Father.”  (John 14:6,12)

Observation:  Jesus says to Thomas that He is the way and the truth and the life, and that no one comes to the Father except through Him.  This morning, however, it was that Jesus said that we should be doing the works that he did, if we truly believe in Him, that really struck a chord for me.  In fact, He said that we should be capable of doing greater things than what He did, because of His relationship to the Father and the fact that He is now with the Father.  He says in this same gospel reading that Philip should know that Jesus is the incarnation of God, and he should know that the words that he says come from the Father.  Therefore, when He says that we are capable of greater things than even He could do, it is God who is saying it.  Based on these words alone that he shares with Philip and Thomas in today’s gospel reading, we should be capable of living out his will for our lives, that is, if we are going to be true believers.

Personification: Self-Control  Sometimes I struggle with displaying the fruit of self-control in my life.  The admonition that Jesus gives us in the gospel today, should help me to understand that it is not me that is capable of displaying the fruit of self-control.  It is the will of the Father that I display this fruit and it is only in this knowledge that I can know that I will be capable of displaying it.  As we all know, that left to my flesh, I would just do my own thing, apart from the will of God.

Prayer:  Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.  I ask this, as always, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy Spirit.  Amen.

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