The Word is alive today…


Instead of my normal format for my journaling today, I thought I would tell the story of how God’s Word is alive for me this morning.  I read the reading like normal, and I was led to listen to some music to calm my heart and put my mind focused on Him.  I was led to the first video from Godtube, that comes to my email…

After listening to a few more songs, I was led back to the readings to realize that anything that I journaled on could be considered as judgmental.  SO I decided not to journal about it.  I will share the journal entry that I made while at Mass this morning:  Jesus Christ is the Word of God.  The Word of God is the key of knowledge.  The key of knowledge leads me to righteous faith.  I don’t know if it means anything to anyone else, but it actually came to me in the reverse order to how I just shared it, but the idea of reversing it came to me while I was praying after receiving Communion.


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