Saints Agnes, Asisclus and Victoria…Pray for us!

Saint Isisclus and Saint Victoria Church in Spain.

Saint Isisclus and Saint Victoria Church in Spain.

My wife had a dream the other night or it may have been early Saturday morning where she heard the voice of a woman telling her about a Saint Iscle and she thought there was another female name that she said as well.  When I looked up Saint Iscle, I found only a town in the Catalonian region of Spain.  The town is called by the name San Iscle de Vallalta and no reference to information about the Saint.  I told my wife that she needs to be more discerning about these dreams and make sure that they are coming from a good place, and I think I said that because I was frustrated by not being able to find out more about him.

However, I apologized to her yesterday after researching the Saint some more through our Pastor, who studied in Spain for two years, and has been back a few times and is fluent in Spanish.  Anyway, he told me that Iscle is probably Catalonian dialect of Spanish, and we would know the Saint by another name.  The name that he told me is Saint Asisclus.  When I got home and looked it up, the website said that he may have been martyred along with a girl named Victoria around the year 300 AD.

Now, here are the two cool parts to this story.  First, my wife remembers the woman who was telling her about the Saint, she was a parishioner that just passed away in the past week named Virginia, who was 81 years old, and a very faith-filled woman.  Judging from the love that was shown for her at her funeral Mass on Saturday, there are plenty of people who can’t wait to see her again in heaven.  My wife also saw a picture that looks very similar to the one I am posting here.  The second cool part is the website that supplied the information about their martyrdom under the persecution of Emperor Diocletian, said that the Saints, Asisclus and Victoria are celebrated in the Mozarabic liturgical rites, which happens to be a liturgy that our Pastor has studied and is planning on saying a Mass using these liturgical rites at 5pm today for two other Martyr Saints, celebrated today, who happen to have relics in the church that he was just associate pastor at in Salem, OR, before he came to be our Pastor.  I told my wife that maybe that means we need to take a trip to Salem today to attend this Mass and support our Pastor in this work that he has done to prepare this liturgy.  She agreed!

In my title today, I listed Saint Agnes, because she is a Martyr Saint that we remember today in the Roman rite of the church, and it is curious that both her and Victoria seem to have a cloud of mystery/suspicion over the real events around their martyrdom.  However, I choose to read Saint Ambrose words about Saint Agnes that say, “To young to be punished, yet old enough to wear a martyr’s crown”, and I hope that the martyr’s crown will apply to me at my death too.  If I don’t specifically get killed for my faith in God, I hope I die a great witness to the faith in Jesus Christ, that saved me from the suffering of sin in this world and calls me to glory in Heaven.


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