Pope Francis is a ninja…


Last Sunday, I recounted to the youth that attended our youth group meeting how Jesus was a ninja, because whenever they came to arrest him, He was able to evade their pursuit by slipping away from them, until his appointed time.  With the curious way our new Pope Francis has been moving around The Vatican these last two days, I can’t help but think of one possible reason why.  If the readings for today’s Mass are as poignant as they normally are, as the living Word of God that is delivered by the Bride of Christ herself, the Holy Mother Church, than the reasons for the Pope’s evasive maneuvers, could be more than just the attempts at an open display of his humility.  I pray that Pope Francis is able to mantain his ninja status until the world sees clearly what he was elected to show them, in other words, until his appointed time.  God speed, Pope Francis!  Viva il papa!  Long live Pope Francis I!


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