Primacy of the invisible…


Photo bombed by Elizabeth…Can you see her?

Remind you of another picture?

Remind you of another picture?

As I got ready yesterday morning, there was tweet that came to my phone that caught my eye.  In the morning, my routine does not usually include listening to podcasts from the previous Sunday’s homilies.  However, this one was from his excellency, Timothy Cardinal Dolan.  As I listened to the beginning, I began to envision the amount of construction that must be happening at Saint Patrick’s for him to make a point of apologizing before beginning his homily.  It was Easter after my reception of the Sacraments of initiation that I first attended Mass there.  It was over twenty years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.  The homily that amazing Easter morning was given by Cardinal O’Connor, it was the most Spirit filled sermon/homily I had heard up to that point, in my two years of attending Mass.  That homily tied together Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the importance of right to life movement in our country, and support for unwed Mothers through the housing project that was at that time supported by the Sisters of the convent that was attached to the Cathedral.  I remember his homily because it was not what he said but how he took one statement at the end and tied everything together.  I have never been able to remember what that one thing was, and I may never know, but I know what God used to make it speak to my heart.  It was the same way that he was able to move my heart from over 2000 miles away and two days remove from the live exhortation from the current Archbishop of New York.  The indwelling of the Holy Spirit is what it is.  Now back 20 years ago, it is possible that the Spirit was coming from inside me, but yesterday I got the overwhelming feeling that

the Spirit was coming through our Spirit-filled Cardinal of New York and President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Thanks be to God for giving us his witness at this time, and thanks be to God for allowing me to continue to spread his witness.


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