On this Veteran’s Day, let us pray for our beloved dead…


For all those men and women that have given their lives for the freedom we currently enjoy in this country, I pray for the eternal rest of their souls. I pray to the King of our eternal kingdom and the King of our heavenly goal, and finally to the King of all creation. I pray to Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. I pray that our country can get back to the supplication to that King that allowed us so many decades of joy that comes from following the real King. As Father Barron said Friday at the Magnificat Day in Philadelphia, I pray that we can get back to letting our King dominate our society as it was in the not so distant past. I pray that our country can see that it is only when we let God work out our differences that we can work together to be a just society that respects all people and enjoys that freedom that comes as a fruit of good choices. I pray for the people that lost their lives in the Philippines and Vietnam and all of their families that are mourning their loss today. Please God, let us be a society that uses our resources to help others and not one that uses them to lord over them. I finally pray that our world will come to the realization quickly that without a reliance on the one true King, we will continue down the path to destruction. Jesus, I trust in you!


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