Thoughts on sonship…


I have been thinking about King David lately, because of the fact that we have been hearing about him in the first readings at Mass lately.  Also, I have been thinking about how much being the chosen ones of God should give us a moment of pause.  Even more than just a moment of pause, it reminds me that as the chosen one, I need to be constantly reminding my children that they are going to have to follow God on their own and not rely on the fact that God is doing work in their Dad as a foundation for their faith.  If the son of King David, Absalom, tells us anything, it should be that it is incumbent on the son to continue to follow the Father in his humility and obedience to God’s will, or the end could be bad.  See the first reading from Today’s Mass for the context.  As for King Solomon, who succeeded King David on the throne, he followed to many of Dad’s bad habits and not enough of his virtues to guarantee the lineage of the Father staying on the throne, at least in the physical world and as far as earthly thrones are concerned.  My hope for my children, and all the Christian children in our world today, is that they will follow their Fathers in the faith, maybe not necessarily their own Fathers, if they are not faithful to God, so that God will continue to bless this world with his mercy and allow our world to convert, as God has shown us his mercy today.  My hope is that their faithfulness and use of their gifts to give glory to God in all things will give the world enough time to the greatest multitude of people the chance to accept the salvific message of the Gospel…For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on me and on the whole world…Amen!!!Image


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