More thoughts from the Kings and His Kingdom…


After yesterday’s first reading that I heard proclaimed in Spanish during our Monday morning Spanish Mass here at Saint Alice, I was moved during Father Jaspers homily to ponder how when the priest at our Mass returns the Eucharist to the tabernacle, we can see that the same way that the Israelites in Jerusalem saw the building of the first temple.  It is God made present for us on earth, so that we can adore him and worship him, even though it may not be visible to those that don’t believe, there is no disputing the fact that we believe that God is present there.  We should be like the Israelites in Jerusalem during the time of completion of the first temple, how they rejoiced and praised God for agreeing to make a home among us, until he comes again, to bring us all home to him.

Today, as I prepared to come to work to deal with multiple issues that exist at our church, with the water and power, I thought about how much the three Kings of Israel taught us about our faith.  We must remember when we ask for something to guide us that is of this world, we are in danger of being ruled by it and our flesh, like the Israelites who asked for a King and ended up with King Saul, who ruled the people in a way that left some feeling left out, or at least subservient to the ruling class that was the family and friends of King Saul.  As for King David, we learned that when we neglect our duties as administrator and ruler of our family, we can be left with a big mess to clean up.  As for King Solomon, we learned that if we mess around with worship outside of the one true God, we end up with a jealous God, who shows us who is boss.

Through it all, we know that God’s favor rested with his people and their King, and he was willing to carry them through their faults until it was time to move on to the next phase of the salvation story.  Thankfully, we have the one true King, Jesus Christ, who has revealed to us the nature of a godly man who rules over his people by showing them how to love each other.  Also, we have the historical account of these early Kings of Israel to remind us how God will allow us to be ruled by things that we choose, but only in so far as they will eventually lead us back to him.  It is by his grace that we are saved, and our hope is that we will never lose sight of the path that he has prepared for us to lead us to salvation.

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