What is God telling you to do right now?


Daily reflections from USCCB website…

When I read the daily readings this morning in preparation for the communion service that I was supposed to lead, I heard the message of Jesus in the gospel reading for today saying that we should recognize the work that Doctors and Nurses do daily in healing the body with the work of their hands and their incredible minds.  It was that Jesus could have just healed the man’s eyes without even touching him, but he chose to put spittle and place his blessed hands on the man’s eyes.  He is revealing the nature of the work of people called to heal others, but reminding us that it is by his power that any healing actually occurs, or better said, by his will it is done.  We are reminded of this when he goes in the second time without spittle and just laid his hands on his eyes and they are healed.

In the first reading, we hear a call from the letter of Saint James, to do the work necessary to follow God’s will, and in the gospel reading we hear Jesus tell us to remember to rely on God’s will and not only on our own understanding or will.  I believe that these two things can be worked together in unison, and need to be for hospitals and medical facilities to do their most effective work in the healing ministry in which they have undertaken to follow.  Rather than draw any other conclusions about the work that hospitals and medical facilities should not be concerned with, I will let you draw that conclusion…God bless you!


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