What are we hiding from?


During my morning routine, I came across a story about a Saint that we are celebrating today in the Church, his name is Saint Peter.  No, it is not the Saint Peter that Jesus stole away from a potentially fulfilling life as a fisherman in Galilee.  He was a monk from the 12th century who actually hid from the church for a while in order to not be called into service.  They eventually found him hiding in a monastery, he was a bishop at the time, and he was pretending to be a lay brother in the monastery.  After he went back to work as a bishop, the Church sent him to reconcile the kings of France and England, and he failed.  The funny thing is, regardless of how God calls us into service, he still decides whether we are successful or not, and it is not dependent on our acceptance of his calling.  It is dependent on his will.  After hearing this story of the bishop, who disappeared for a year, only to be called back into service.  I am left with the distinct impression that it isn’t worth it trying to hide from God.  He will be with you during the good and the bad times, and all of them will be worth living, if we let him have the reigns and be in control of every aspect of our lives.  Saint Peter of Tarentaise, pray for us!



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