A child must crawl back into his mother’s womb!


As I heard the gospel proclaimed today by our pastor this morning, and during his homily I made an interesting observation. I thought about the story for the 3rd chapter of John’s gospel, after being prompted to by the explanation of today’s gospel. The story tells how Nicodemus questioned Jesus about being born again. He uses a strange reference to a full-grown person going back into the womb of his mother. Jesus quickly clarifies that he is not talking about physically going back into the womb, rather it is a spiritual rebirth that he is speaking of.

However, when questioned about the fact that he said that his disciples would eat his flesh and drink his blood by saying that eating his flesh and drinking his blood is exactly what he expects them to do. It would be as if he said to Nicodemus that he would have to physically enter the womb again to be reborn. The idea of eating Jesus’ flesh and drinking his blood is as ridiculous as going back into the womb. Again, he does say that eating his flesh and drinking his blood is exactly what needs to done to be to live forever. It is not practical to enter a womb to be reborn again, but eating the flesh of Jesus, in the form of Eucharistic bread is a very practical thing that has become the source and summit of our faith as Catholics. More on the disciples reaction to this troubling revelation of Jesus about what kind of sacrifice he would offer for us once for all time in the Eucharist tomorrow…Stay tuned and God bless you!