Why is parenting such a struggle for Christians?


IMG_20140525_072219So, it struck me this morning as I was reading the Office of Readings after our normal morning prayer that we do in the chapel, that this parenting thing we are doing might just be more important than we originally thought.  Not just for our kids, but for us.  I don’t think it was a particular reading that came through to me to say this, but the message from God was loud and clear and I have already shared it with a few folks before writing this blog and the reaction is pretty good.  The few people I have told this to have agreed that it is pretty deep, but also true.  (They may have thought something else, but that was the impression they gave me.)

Anyway, the idea that came to me was that raising our kids is a struggle, because we want them to leave our homes prepared to face the world with the tools that will empower them to live out their faith.  When I write that part, it doesn’t seem very deep.  However, it struck me that God showed us how he is willing to struggle to raise his children, in order that they are prepared to leave the home he has built for them on earth.  How much was he willing to struggle for us?

His struggle ended with dying on the cross in order that we can see that he is willing to suffer the most pitiful disgrace of paying a penalty for a crime that he didn’t commit.  Also, so that we can see that at the end of our life, there is life eternal, he was resurrected and ascended to heaven to point us to our eternal destiny.  He sent us the Holy Spirit to unite our souls to his, while we are still on earth.

As parents of our children, we must try to live out our lives as redeemed members of the body of Christ to show our children what it looks like if they follow God’s will for their lives.  It is not easy, but the best medicine for a broken spirit of a child is parents whose hope is in the resurrection.  Parents who show that hope, in their true spirit of repentance for their own past sins and the mercy they freely give to others, including their children, are like gods.  The most pitiable people would be Christians, who don’t believe in the resurrection, as Saint Paul says in his letter to the Corinthians.  (1 Cor 15:19) The second most pitiable people would be children who have parents who are not being converted and who don’t need a savior.  I pray that all parents embrace a humble spirit and a contrite heart, which leads to the conversion of the world…Amen!



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