The heart knows…



As I prayed before heading to Mass yesterday, my daughter told me she wanted to draw some hearts with me on some paper. Of course, the fact that she asked me to draw hearts on the day we celebrated the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the day before we remember the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary was pretty cool.

However, as I sit here waiting to take my son to confession at 3pm today, I can’t help thinking about how we know that the heart is not capable of controlling our emotions, we still see the heart as the center of our feelings. The truth is that feelings and emotions are controlled by the brain, but we attribute them to the heart because of the revelation that comes to us from God about the heart of Jesus and also the heart of Mary, the Mother of God.
There are a few stories about Eucharistic Miracles that have been shown to be the flesh from the heart muscle when examined by laboratories, and to me this is God’s way of revealing that it does not matter what we know the heart’s function in our physical body is, it’s spiritual function is to give and receive mercy and compassion.
My prayer during the Novena to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, was to give me a heart, like Jesus’ Sacred Heart. I also asked for true repentance for my sins. Amen!

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