“Young man, I tell you, arise!”


Today’s title is taken from the gospel reading from today’s Mass readings…

He stepped forward and touched the coffin; at this the bearers halted, and he said, “Young man, I tell you, arise!”  Luke 7:14

I remember hearing a homily about the young man that was being told to arise relating to those of us left here in this world who still struggle with sin.  (All of us!)  Anyway, the point is Jesus is telling us to stop walking around like were are dead, it is time to arise.  If we look back at the first reading for today, Saint Paul tells us that we have work to do.  Even though, I may not be called to speak in tongues or interpret tongues, I could be called to be a prophet.  I may even be called to be an apostle.  What are the qualifications for this work that we could be called to do?  The only qualifications that I know of, is that God is the one doing the calling.  So, regardless of our sinful nature and tendency to be a slacker in our calling to proclaim the Good News to the world, we still need to do it.

For me, I am taking this opportunity right now to choose to arise and tell you that the end is near and the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  Repent, and believe in the Good News that Jesus Christ came to earth to radically change the way we look at the world.  Our bodies are passing away, but they can be raised up again, by the same Spirit that raised Our Mother in faith, the Virgin Mary and the same Spirit that will raise the bodies of all the Saints at the end of time.  Our world is passing away and so is heaven going to pass away, but God is preparing a new heaven and a new earth that will be the everlasting home to those who trust in him and follow his ways.

By your power and through the intercession of the Saints, including Saint Mary ever-virgin, save me from myself and show me the way to lead my family to grow in virtue…Amen!

Turn up the bass when you listen to this song…If you don’t have bass, download and listen to it when you do…It is so worth it!


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