The prophet John says…(part II)


As I read the quote from Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, also known as Edith Stein, I realized that her words to Pope Pius XI are relevant to our current situation here in America, as much as they were in 1933 Germany.

We face an oppression by our government that is asking us to participate in the legalized killing of babies through contraception which is an interruption of conception by a cutting off of the natural process of protection that a womb gives to a newly formed child, all the way to partial birth abortion which is infanticide. We are being asked to fund this through a mandated health care system that looks like a system that cares for the poor, but in actuality it targets the weak with the modern form of genocide called abortion. We need Pope Francis to come to America like Blessed Mother Teresa did, and condemn this governments actions in support of Margaret Sanger’s brain child of racial cleansing, called Planned Parenthood.

We can do better than killing a whole generation of ethnic children, or we can follow in the footsteps of past oppressive regimes, and end up lamenting the years of full scale genocide of God’s people. We are all chosen to be God’s children, and it is time that we started standing up for the most vulnerable children, the ones in the womb.


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