Mary or Jezebel…Which one am I?


I guess I should point out that I know that those names are both female, and I am a male, so there may be some confusion among those that know me when they read the title of my post. However, I have been contemplating this question for a couple of days. It has mostly in reference to people of the opposite sex, and for that matter, my thoughts have been centered on one woman and that is my wife. I know I should not go down the road of trying to discern other people’s intentions and I really need to let go of my judgmental tendencies. I’m talking about my attitude toward my wife and all women, for that matter. It is for that reason that this post will focus on myself, and I will leave it to others who may read it to discern if they are acting like Mary or Jezebel. For a more complete treatment of who Mary and Jezebel were in the bible, there is a great article here:
However, there is one question that I just can’t shake. How can I be consecrated to Jesus through Mary, when act like Jezebel. Mary is a model for chastity, purity and obedience. I am a model for licentiousness, impurity and impatience. Let me explain:
In my life, I have been given a wife and four amazing children, but I spend so much time focused on fulfilling the mission of evangelization for the church, I have neglected my primary vocation as husband and father. Jezebel was the wife of Ahab, and was known for her lack of self-control and worship of many gods. It is for the same things that I could be known for, at least my confessor would know me for them. Anyway, it is my hope that with Mary, the Mother of God and the Queen of Heaven and Earth as a guide, I can learn to be a better example to my kids and a worthy partner to my wife. It is only in surrendering my will, that I will ever know His perfect will for my life.

Mary, Queen of peace and model of perfect chastity, pray for us!


One thought on “Mary or Jezebel…Which one am I?

  1. abey

    When Mary said unto Jesus at Cana :”They have no wine Jesus replied “Woman what have I do do with thee, for my time is not yet come. For when Mary spoke in the Flesh, Jesus replied in the Spirit” & his words manifested , when His time came on the cross “Woman behold thy Son” “the Mother of the redeemed” is but to understand Mary by the Origin”- The Mystery which the Church today has not this understanding, not the Church that moves in the flesh, but the church that moves in the Spirit & it is against this that the gates of hell will not prevail. But the church in the flesh is already fallen, THROUGH THE FALSE ONE.

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