Our God and King is fearless…Are you?

What is he asking of you today?

How can you prove you are empowered by the Holy Spirit and fearless to do whatever he asks of you?


One thought on “Fearless…

  1. abey

    Freemasonry the very entity off that Enmity come from Eden was established at the time of QE1 & its basis being Theosophy revealed through the rebellious/devilish eyes of Helena Blavatsky at New York( the Commercial Babylon, one off the Babylon divided into 3 parts) The Beliefs of Theosophy is what the Bible calls the Doctrine of the Devils, heavily into Gnosticism that was followed by the likes of Simon Magus & Manicheism off that ‘ole iniguity, making another christ & just as there is the Pseudo Christ , so also there is the Pseudo Mary.
    Zech 5 -the Flying scroll denotes Freemaonry governed by the wickedness in an Ephah & Its gods(remember the golden calf) unto the name “Vishnu” in hinduism are represented by the many alters figured in the British Freemasonic Israeli Supreme court. Talmudism & Kabbalism , the books of speculations, that rejects the Messiah, are heavily depended/based on this very “Doctrine of demons”

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