Four things to do this Advent season…


1.  Make an Advent wreath or buy one to put on your dinner table or in your living room.

2.  Send Christmas Cards, real ones with images of the baby Jesus with Mary and Joseph on them…Write real sentiments in them!  (ie. God loves you and I do too!)

3.  Make reparations of a past hurt relationship, at least take the first step of seeking to repair your end.  (We can’t always count on the other party being ready to heal.)

4.  Have fun!

Of course, I think the fourth one is the most important.  I got this list from an Advent talk we had this Tuesday night at our church.  The speaker was Deacon Owen Cummings, and it was great to get to spend some time focusing on the real “truth” of Christmas and what we are doing to prepare for the coming of Christ!

I pray that everyone who reads this will get the chance to stop the hustle and bustle that is the last 20 days of shopping before Christmas long enough to focus on what we are really waiting for…Come, Lord Jesus!

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