No Mary, No Jesus…Know Mary, know Jesus!


This is a quote that I heard on the radio this morning from Tim Staples.  He explained that it is often attributed to the Blessed Mother Teresa, but she did not in fact ever say it.  Blessed_Mother_Teresa

However, he says, “She should have.”  As I sat in the chapel waiting to participate in the Mass, I realized that Mary was right in front of me.  At least the statue of her was directly in front of me.  I thought about going up to the statue before I started the first reading today, but quickly realized that everyone who was attending Mass with us today in the chapel would not understand what I was doing.  I just felt so grateful to Mary for saying yes, and reminding me that I can say yes too. keep calm I feel so grateful to Mary for being the first disciple of Jesus by accepting the gift of grace that came to her in the form of a message from an angel, so that I can accept the message that comes to me from my guardian angel that says, “Be not afraid.”  Mary is the ultimate form of human example of following Jesus, and I hope that through her I can see Jesus as my Savior and Redeemer, and as my Brother.

As I waited to receive the precious blood during the reception of

Behold Your Mother!

Behold Your Mother!

Communion at Mass, I realized that I was standing next to the statue of my Mother Mary.  I felt peace knowing the John the Apostle stood next to her too as he waited to receive the message from Jesus to behold his mother.  Finally, it was the reception of his mercy that I received when I drank the wine that was really transformed into Jesus for me.  I went back to my chair and dropped to my knees to say, “Thank you Jesus…I’m sorry Jesus…I love you Jesus!”  I know that it would not be possible to say this and feel this close to Jesus without my Mother first showing me how to say yes to his grace and mercy.  So, thank you Mary…I’m sorry Mary…I love you Mary!

One thought on “No Mary, No Jesus…Know Mary, know Jesus!

  1. abey

    The Church that moves in the Flesh is the Church that is in idolatry for it is falling, already fallen , by the false spirits even the false Mary & the False Christ as the Bible says another Gospel , another Christ. but the Church that moves in the Spirit is that against which the gates of hell will not prevail. For these have come by clear visions , The Fact is, there has been no authentic image or picture of Jesus or Mary when they lived on earth, for the very reason that He Himself who has kept this from man , so that He be not a cause for the Violation of the First Commandments of God & in one of the visions from Mary , the cause of the fall today are due to the violation of the First Commandment & the other is Adultery. The words of God surely do not change.

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