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I wanted to take the chance to post today about how to keep yourself motivated to keep writing.  Sometimes, we all come to the point where we are accepting the lies of Satan that tell us that our opinion and our writing does not matter.  However, the truth is that if it was only my opinion and my writing that my blog was about, I would have quit posting long ago.  So, every once in a while it is helpful to pick an old post that someone else was looking at today and re-read it with the idea that you are to remember what God was doing in your life and through your writing what he was asking you to reveal to others about your struggle.  Sometimes this is hard, because you don’t know exactly the circumstances that led you to post about that topic on the day, but chances are you are still dealing with some of those same issues today.  God is probably finding new ways to reveal to you the truth about your healing process and finding new ways to use you to spread this good news to others.  If you are still reading this, the Lord wants to continue to use you through this medium of blogging, so you can stop reading now and get back to work!

Here is my offering for today:

Today’s readings…Memorial of Saints Timothy and Titus

For me, the first reading from the 2nd letter to Timothy today goes way back to over ten years ago to the first time that I really took the time to reflect on this scripture…Here is one of my posts from  almost five years ago that is still moving to me today…Today, it is not just about the peace but also the grace that comes from following the will of God at all times in my life that I am thankful for keeping me aware of the gift that is my marriage and my relationship with God that leads every decision I make in my life.  Here is a picture to show you how I still feel today about my wife and the gift that she is to me from a God that graces me beyond my understanding…

the kiss0001


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