Your church is on fire…


Your job today is to attend your church services and fan the flames… “I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing! If your church were on fire physically, your job to help in the effort to extinguish the flames before it devastated your church building. If your church is on fire spiritually, your job is to get some fire and set the world on fire with the flame of the Holy Spirit…Just do it!


6 thoughts on “Your church is on fire…

  1. abey

    Lo for all this talk of revival contradicts the words of our Lord “When I return will I find faith” A present look at the state of the Church in USA & now Ireland says the truth.

  2. We can sit around and scream that the sky is falling or actively work on saving people who are too blind to see it, no matter how much we scream…I agree that Jesus is not too happy with what is going on in the world, but how much different was it 2000 years ago…Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been, that will be; what has been done, that will be done. Nothing is new under the sun! Peace and grace to you Abey!


  3. abey

    It is important to assert the truth of the Bible & that is the reason why Prophesies are given, like the great Apostasy taking place coming from the west, sunk in Paganism read Ancient Egypt. There cannot be any saving people if the fundamentals of the faith is confused. “My people fall because of the Lack of Knowledge” not worldly knowledge but biblical revelations’ ’cause they are too busy justifying their own philosophies, even sodom. Most of the words that Christ spoke were hard against the ear pleasing preachers of the day. There is one singular twist to the Biblical understanding causing the Modern Apostasy, out of Protestantism, dragging the Catholic Church into it. Name it ? Before one preaches to save people it is imperative that the errors first become identified & pointed out, but they care not, if the Sodomic march of cardinal Dolan & worse still the silence of the Pope is any indication. Off course I am my Brothers keeper, for truth is what is sought. Spelling is out without pleasing ears, is what makes a Christian,

  4. Abey,

    I am not sure I am aware of the errors that you speak of when you say the Sodomic march of Cardinal Dolan and the silence of the Pope, but I know that the church is still struggling to come out in the open about issues that still plague us from the inside-out. If you have any idea about how to make the church more transparent with how we are dealing with the issues, I am sure they would be well received.

    God bless you,


    • abey

      It is not the Question of transparency it is the Question of truth,. is but to affirm the Biblical truth unto the Fundamentals of the faith & failing on that is what is plague-ing the Church , as simple as that , Please note the teaching of the Catholic Church is based on The Bible & Tradition where the tradition must be found/based on the scriptures. It appears your view is Modernistic, even the ignorance to the Sodomic happenings( the very Marker to the falling away) the very modernism that many an earlier Popes warned against, ’cause faith does not change since God does not change & what is seen is the modern church trying to become accommodative to the world in its desires , the very Signs of “COMPLACENCY” towards the Faith “My Kingdom is not of this world” says Jesus. In other words the truth of the Bible & its commandments is not being adhered to like for eg. women preachers which is fact instead of increasing the faith only ended up adding up to the Apostasy & its clear evidence & proof is seen the Anglican & its episcopals brought in through Protestant rebellion & if this cannot be seen then it clearly the blindness that yourself said. For the very head of all Womankind Mary, has many a times warned against preaching by women which but only affirms the Biblical truth . So by now you should know more as to what causes the Plagues mentioned & its cure is simple-repent & stick with the Biblical truth upon which is the Church based.

      • Abey,
        I’m sorry that I acted ignorant to what you were talking about when you said the sodomic happenings, but I just didn’t know that there was evidence that was corroborated enough to convict anyone, either in a court of opinion or a court of law. Anyway, I agree that we have to get back to the church of the biblical truth and the traditions in the church that the church is founded on. Repentance is my middle name and I hope it will be until the day I die to this world, so I can be born in the next world with the communion of saints that have gone before me. Thanks again for sharing your heart on my blog.

        God bless you,


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