Hell, it is a Hot 1…

Heaven or hell…It is our choice!

I was reading a blog that normally takes a pretty negative view of the church this morning.  However, today the post was very positive about the prospect of how many people are headed to hell.  I know you are supposed to capitalize the first letter in proper names, but I just don’t consider hell a proper place and I really do wish to de-emphasize the place, so less people will consider it as a destination.  Unlike the blogger, that you can read here…So Much Has Happened since I started this blog in 2013…I wish to stay positive about the possibility of more people avoiding this place, rather than see it as a destination that is a predestined target for all unrepentant sinners.  I am sure that if you ask most people, they would prefer not to spend eternity in hell, but like the blogger says, and I’m paraphrasing…What are they doing to avoid it?

For me, the first step towards repentance is a good confession.  If you are Catholic, this should be to a priest, who can give you absolution, so you can hear the words from a representative of Christ who is forgiving you.  If you are not Catholic, you could confess to God, the ways that you have failed to follow His Son.  The first thing you might want to confess is that you are not following His will, in favor of your own, by not being obedient to His church.  After that, you may want to tell him all the ways that you have failed to live up to the vocation that he chose for you.  (ie-father, pastor, child of God)  After that, you could tell him that even though he gave you a way to become more like him, in his body and blood in the Eucharist, you choose to be your own person, and not pay any attention to the real presence of His Son that is Holy Communion.  Finally, you can talk about all the ways that you serve other gods, like money, sex, power and prestige, rather than bowing at the altar of the One true God on a regular basis.

If all of this sounds really harsh, good!  It is meant to, because the truth is that I cannot understand how a “good” Christian can live without a “good” Confession.  Reconciliation is meant to be an opportunity to be “eye to eye” with God, in order to know, not only that He forgives you, but also that you are worth more than living out your life with all the resentment that comes from a lack of repentance.  You hear those words, “I absolve you…in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit” and it has an eternal impact on your soul that cannot be denied.  The only response to His great gift of Reconciliation, is:  Amen!

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