Marketing assignment – Coffee survey



I decided on four questions that were mostly closed end questions. However, they were questions that gives me an idea of what things the respondents find important in their coffee experience. A total of 20 surveys were filled out.

Items on the survey were worded as direct questions, and included the following topics:

  • Ordering coffee
  • Experience
  • New coffee shop
  • Why coffee?

Note: The complete survey questionnaire is included later in this document for reference.


The final survey form asked respondents about their experience with buying coffee. The respondents were parents of our Youth Ministry youth and they were asked to complete the questionnaire and return it to the survey administrator.

Data analysis was completed using Excel.

The Survey

Which of these three things are most important to you when you order your coffee?

a)    Speed of delivery (I want my coffee fast, and I don’t want to wait in a line.)

b)    Quality of coffee (I don’t mind waiting, but the coffee better be good.)

c)    Number of options (I want to have the coffee that I want.)

When you visit a coffee shop, what is the most important part of the experience?

a)    Cleanliness of shop

b)    Friendliness of staff

c)    Other options on the menu (Food, energy drinks, etc.)

If you are looking for a new coffee shop, how would you decide to try one?

a)    Family or friend referral (including seeing your friends or relatives drinking their coffee.)

b)    Advertisement in newspaper or on TV (including their mission statement for why they serve coffee.)

c)    I might just stop in one time to see if they were any good (it wouldn’t hurt if the first cup was free, right?)

Finally, when you visit a coffee shop, what is the motivating factor that drives your visit?

a)    I’m tired and I need a pick me up.

b)    I want to reward myself for something.

c)    I just love coffee.


Conclusions –


After reviewing the survey and the respondents’ answers to the questions, I would change a few things if I did it again. First, the fact that I had options as a possible answer to the first two questions probably effected the results negatively on the second question. I could have eliminated the second question, because it is really obvious that everyone would want a friendly staff.

I would share with my friend that quality coffee is important. Even though people might just stop by and check you out if they are driving by, referrals would be a large part of the customers to start with, and that is more important initially than advertising. Finally, the fact that people were equally motivated to buy coffee by all three factors was surprising. So, if my friend was to advertise his coffee shop, all three factors should be included in the ad.

I have thought about offering coffee to the parents who are dropping off their kids for our youth programs, as a fundraising opportunity for the Youth Ministry. I am thankful for this assignment giving me this valuable information, if I actually can talk my pastor into it. (I wouldn’t mind having the coffee for myself either, because it seems that I never have enough time to stop and get one when I need it.)


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