Abortion: The Symptom of the Disease


Stump Speech – Strategy Paper

Jason M. Roebuck

Northwest Christian University

Comm307 – Professor Marshall

The topic of abortion was something that evokes a lot of emotion for me.  Instead of focusing on personal experience, the speech was focusing on explaining the issue from the standpoint of the cause and solution, rather than the issue itself.  The choice was made to not include personal experience, because it would have caused the speech to focus on all the facets of the problem, rather than providing a cause and solution.  Explaining the problem, discussing the cause and the solution were already causing the video to run long, so I had to decide to take something out.

The fact that YouTube was the media that is chosen for uploading the speech, the seated position was chosen for delivery, because it seems the most natural.  Although, there was a good portion of the video that discussed the nature of the problem of abortion, since the audience is students and a professor from a Christian University, there is no explanation of Christian morality or anytime spent explaining the nature of who God is or the fact that Jesus is his son.  There was a conscious decision made to mention the fact that God has provided our way out of the mess of our over-sexualized culture, and that way comes from God in three persons.

It was the rule of 3’s that was used from the lecture on audience analysis was used to focus the audience on the three issues in our culture, but more importantly on the three solutions that were offered.  However, by focusing on three issues, as well as three solutions, it made it easier to see the three solutions, namely lies, hook-ups, and promiscuity help accentuate the truth, purity and chastity that are offered as solutions.  From Chapter 5, the more or less topic is offered as one of the universal arguments to justify pointing out the magnitude of the abortion issue.  The audience may have heard the number of 56 million abortions since 1972 before, but it may actually reinforce the validity of the extent of the problem, by hearing it again.



Karlyn, C., Huxman, S., & Burkholder, T. (2015). 5th Chapter: The Resources of Argument. The Rhetorical Act: Thinking, Speaking, and Writing Critically (5th ed., p. 11). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.

Marshall, S. (2016, May 16). YouTube. Lecture 1 -Audience Analysis. Retrieved June 2016, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhqvDYqUeOk&feature=youtu.be.


Stump Speech Assignment – Outline

Abortion:  The Symptom of the Disease

Thesis:  We must change our mind to change the world.


In order to make a change in the culture that will impact the lives of the people we love, we must be willing to make a change in our own minds about the way we look at sex.  The culture we live in right now terminates approximately 3,000 babies in the womb every day.  A lot of people in the pro-life movement say that the problem stems from the fact that abortion is legal.  The problem with that argument is that it says that making abortion illegal could solve the problem.  The solution, however, is much simpler than making abortion illegal, and it doesn’t involve forcing women, in crisis pregnancies, to seek out doctors who will perform illegal or “back alley” abortions.


  1. How we got here.
  2. An article I found in the Brookings Policy Brief Series from 1996 says that more babies are born to unwed mothers every year since they started keeping track in 1965, even though the invention of artificial forms of birth control and abortion were meant to lower the number.
  3. In 2015, the total number of abortions in this country, since it was made legal over 40 years ago, was over 56 million.
  4. The Morality Vacuum
  5. Since the encyclical called “Humanae Vitae” in 1968, the Catholic Church, specifically Pope Paul VI, had been saying that artificial forms of birth control would lead to the reduction of women to nothing more than an instrument to satisfy man’s desires.
  6. Common sense says his words from the beginning of the sexual revolution have largely come true.
  7. A pattern of attitude towards sexual activity has developed in this country since the turn of the 20th century, which is evidenced by the film and music industry over past 100 years.
  8. Led to the hookup culture that we currently have in our world today.

III. How do we change the culture?

  1. We start by looking at the way we look at each other.
  2. Modesty is not only how we dress, but also how we stare at and talk to the opposite sex.
  3. We should be looking at the whole person, not just a body part.
  4. Who is responsible for immodesty?
  5. A woman and men can do their best to compliment her body with the clothes she wears without uncovering provocative body parts, wherever and whenever this is possible.
  6. Men and women can have better custody of their eyes.

iii. In an article simply called, “On Modesty in Dress” John Wallon explains in two sentences the best treatment on the subject of modesty I have ever read.  He says and I’m paraphrasing, “The modestly dressed woman is usually more attractive…the allure of womanly mystery draws the man to the whole woman…exciting because she excites the whole man in a high and beautiful way that evokes respect for her and God’s creative power.

  1. Besides modesty, we should be promoting chastity
  2. Lose the idea that it is a foregone conclusion that young people, or old people for that matter, are going to hook up, and that is just the way it is.
  3. Look for ways to support young people, or just couples, gathering in groups, rather than one on one.
  4. Talk about the reasons for waiting until marriage.
  5. Use examples of married couples who are joyful in their marriages because they understood and understand chastity.
  6. Include creating a better culture to raise children in as a main reason for purity.


It is not a crisis of abortion we face in this country, but rather a crisis of morality.  We must face the demons of lies, the hook up culture, and promiscuity that exist in this world, because we have allowed them to wreak havoc on our society for too long.  However, we can hope in God who sent his son, Jesus, who was born of a Virgin Mother, to show us the way out of our misery.  The way out is truth, purity and chastity.  We must start by changing our minds, in order to change the minds of the world, and start to change the culture.

Humanae Vitae or “On Human Life”. 1968. Vatican: Pope Paul VI.

Akerlof, George A. 1996. An Analysis of Out-of-Wedlock Births in the United States. Brookings Policy Brief Series. #4

Mallon, John. 2005. On Modesty in Dress. The Sooner Catholic. Oklahoma City, OK

Here is my video, with a few edits that I added to my submitted video and a couple Snapchat shots that I added just for the sake of sharing it here!



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